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We have over 7 years of experience in garage door replacement and repair.


We can and do stand behind our work. We use quality parts and make sure our service is of the highest quality.

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We promise to only charge for what is needed and not for repairs on parts that are not needed or broken.

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We are Licensed, Insured and Bonded. We want you to feel comfortable knowing you are hiring a professional that is committed to doing the job right!

Our Story

Before Garage Doors

Jayme Leno, The founder of Mr. Garage Door, did not start out in the Garage Door Business. In fact he worked in the food industry. Panera Bread to be a little more specific. He excelled while working there and soon found himself as the General Manager for the franchise he had been working at. As a General Manager he thrived and the company sent him to management trainings, seminars and other classes. Jayme’s hard work had payed off and he earned General Manager Of The Year award several years in a row.

Getting Into The Industry

In the year 2000, Jayme had an opportunity to work for one of the largest Garage Door companies in Georgia and surrounding states. It was hard to leave Panera Bread but he felt it was time to move on. Jayme quickly became one of the top technicians and once again excelled in his career.

Starting Mr. Garage Door

Although he was Although he was successful and one of the top technicians at his previous employment, there were things that just didn’t sit right with Jayme. The major problem he had and saw with other large companies was the push from management to get higher sales. They would reward and offer incentives to the technicians that produced more sales which pushed the technicians to up-sell charges and services that were not needed. This prompted Jayme to start Mr. Garage Door. He promises his customers that they will never be sold a service they do not need. Jayme runs an ethical business that is growing rapidly.

Jayme’s Key To Success

Jayme attributes his success to being honest, working hard and doing what he says he is going to do. “If you take care of the customer, you will never have to worry about having business!”

Jayme Leno

Jayme Leno


“I work hard so that I can support my family and spend time with them.” When Jayme isn’t installing or fixing garage doors he is an active husband and father to two teenage children. He supports them in their extracurricular activities which typically fills his weekends. When he has some down time he spends it restoring a 1950 Chevrolet Pickup.

We Love Our Customers! Hear What They Have To Say About Us:

The spring on our garage door snapped due to old age. Naturally, it occurred on a Saturday. Who to call??? Well, I called Mr. Garage Door at 11:20 am and the door was fixed by 3:00 pm. Just an amazing experience from start to finish. It’s refreshing to work with someone who actually just wants to help solve your problem instead of trying to sell you something you don’t want or need. Use this guy! Thank you, Jayme!!!

David Edinger

Garage Door Spring Repair, Mr. Garage Door Peachtree City

I spoke with Jamie on the phone and told him the issue I was having with a broken torsion spring, and he was at my home within 90 minutes. He checked it all out, clearly explained his gameplan, decided on a (reasonable!) price, and knocked out the job in no time. He also left me with some helpful tips regarding maintenance that will extend the life of all of my door’s components. Would recommend. Thanks!

Dan Muller

Garage Door Broken Torsion Spring, Mr. Garage Door Peachtree City

My name is Susan Barnett. I am a Realtor with Keller Williams. I sold a home with stipulation the garage door be repaired. Buyer said the safety beams were broken off. The home was built in 1989, prior to safety beams. I called Mr Garage Door and set an appointment to upgrade the motor on both doors to give them safety beams. Mr Garage Door did a FANTASTIC job. I have programed his phone number in my phone and telling all my fellow agents about him. THANK YOU So MUCH Mr. Garage Door.

Susan Barnett

Upgrade Garage Door Motor, Mr. Garage Door Peachtree City

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